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Best Green Onion Substitutes

Best Green Onion Substitutes

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Herbs and spices are essential to many recipes because they enhance the flavor, making dishes rich and robust with flavor. The well-known green onion is one of these culinary herbs and spices, adding a savory taste to Asian and Western meals alike. Also known as scallions, green onions are commonly used in potato salad, fried rice, bread, crab cakes, and more. However, what if you don’t have any green onions readily available? There’s no need to panic. The best green onion substitutes are readily available.

Green Garlic, Chives, and Shallots are just a few of the suitable replacements for Green Onions in recipes. However, there are plenty of other alternative herbs and spices you can also use in a pinch. This article will provide a few culinary ideas to help keep your epic meal preparation on schedule.

Green Garlic

Green garlic, also known as spring garlic, is garlic that hasn’t yet reached its full maturity. Its appearance resembles an oversized green onion with a slightly pink bulb. Green garlic has a more onion-like flavor and is subtler than ordinary garlic. As a raw ingredient, it’s relatively pungent, but it becomes much milder as it cooks.

If you want to use spring garlic for your recipe. Slice or chop the white and pale green leaves and the delicate parts of the darker ones. When preparing dishes that call for green onions, be aware that green garlic has a sharper garlic flavor.


Using fresh chives as a replacement for green onions for garnish and raw food is an excellent option. This herb features long green stalks and a mellow, not-too-spicy taste related to garlic and onions. They’ve been used in recipes for centuries in Europe and Asia, but they’re now available across the globe.

The onion-like taste of chives is well-known in the culinary world. Their delicate flavor can only be appreciated when fresh from harvest, usually late spring. Garnishes, soups, sauces, dips, and several egg and potato-based recipes benefit from their vivid hue and oniony flavor. They’re easy to cultivate, simple to locate, and straightforward to work with.


Shallots as a substitute for green onions

Shallots can be used in various ways to season meals, from a mild onion flavor to a harsh acidity that resembles garlic. There is a subtle sweetness and a tinge of sharpness to the taste of shallots, whereas onions provide a more potent flavor. You can use shallots in almost any dish that calls for green onions, as long as you use an equal amount.

Using a small portion of shallots as a substitute for green onions can produce a very similar flavor. Cooked dishes are the best way to enjoy the distinct flavor of shallots. As a result, you can use shallots as a substitute for green onions in fried rice, omelets, soups, and more. However, it’s not recommended for raw dishes due to the stinging taste.


Leeks have a mellow onion flavor with a tinge of sweetness, and they resemble large spring onions in both appearance and taste. They can be used as a subtler substitute for green onion. Soups benefit significantly from the milder flavor. The leeks’ white and very pale green sections are commonly used for dishes, with the deep green parts being saved for broth or stock. However, the darker green portions can be delicious if slow-cooked until soft and tender. Leeks can also be served as a side dish when roasted or grilled.

When buying, always opt for leeks that have healthy white stalks and bright green leaves.

Avoid stalks that have been damaged, blemished, or yellowed. Make sure to thoroughly wash and rinse your leeks before using them in a dish. Then, remove the roots and green tops by snipping them off. Once you’ve finished slicing, wash the rest carefully to eliminate any remaining dirt.


Can you use onions to replace scallions? Yes, but you need to use them in moderation. This is because yellow, white, or red onions have a much more intense flavor. Additionally, these will only substitute for green onion bulbs rather than the leaves. How many green onions equal one onion? One medium-sized onion can serve as a substitute for 8-9 green onion bulbs because the bulbs are so small.

If you add too much onion, especially yellow or white onions, your dish will become overpowering very quickly. Red onions, which are sweeter and milder than their counterparts, are ideal for garnishing tacos or making salsa. It is advisable to use minced onions at the beginning of the cooking process to add their fragrant aroma and distinct flavor.


Parsley as a substitute for green onion

Parsley is among the most useful culinary herbs there is. It can be used as a topping but is more often used as a seasoning ingredient. Because of its color, it almost looks like green onions. This herb may be used in sauces, soups, and salads due to its delicate aroma and fresh flavor.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to find parsley either fresh or dried at most supermarkets. It’s very easy to cultivate, making it ideal for the garden at home. Adding fresh parsley to a dish at the last minute is a great way to add color, texture, and flavor.

Green Bell Peppers

The green bell pepper is a prematurely harvested fruit of the bell pepper plant. Nutritionally, green bell peppers are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, and low in calories. When eaten raw, the slight bitterness enhances the pepper’s pleasant flavor. Nevertheless, they are also delicious when cooked.

You can use green bell peppers that are chopped finely in place of green onions if you want to add some crunch and a dash of color to a dish, such as in soup, an omelet, or a meat dish. They offer a terrific texture and appearance, and they’ll add just a hint of sharpness, like onions.

Conclusion: Best Green Onion Substitutes

There are plenty of tasty dishes that need green onions. However, if you have run out of green onions for your recipe, there’s no need to panic! You might have several substitutes on hand or that you can easily find in the grocery store, such as green garlic, chives, shallots, and more.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this list where you can pick a replacement that will suit your dish and make it just as savory and delectable. If you’re looking for other substitutes, such as potato flakes, we’re also here to help.

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