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Best Plants For Betta Fish Aquaponics (Easy Guide)

Best Plants For Betta Aquaponics

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One can not deny the relaxing effect of watching vibrant, colorful betta fish swimming inside aquariums or tanks. Surprisingly, these beautiful, attractive fish are quite affordable and relatively easy to look after. Novice gardeners who want to try out the waters first by experimenting with a simple small-scale setup should definitely look into betta fish aquaponics. And before embarking on this project, we will recommend the best plants for betta aquaponics to help get you started. 

Because of the limited size of the system, small, green plants are the optimal choice for this setup type. Below are some of the best plants for betta fish aquaponics which are primarily herbal greens: 

  1. Thyme
  2. Chives
  3. Oregano
  4. Mint
  5. Dill

In this article, we will discover the five best plants to grow in a small-scale betta fish aquaponics.

What Is Betta Aquaponics?

What Is Betta Aquaponics?

Like a mason jar system, betta aquaponics replicates an ecosystem by cultivating greens and raising betta fish. Of course, the main difference between the two is that instead of using mason jars, betta aquaponics utilizes modestly sized fish tanks or aquariums. 

Betta aquaponics is an excellent starting point for practitioners still in the process of learning the method. Large scale systems will require intricate setups, sizable workspace, huge upfront, and maintenance costs. Beginning with a small-scale betta aquaponics will allow newbies to control their budget, save up space, and learn which system will suit their needs. Remember, since this is an experimental stage, consider growing one type of plant only.

Best Plants For Betta Aquaponics

A small-scale setup like betta aquaponics entails lesser fish and fish residue, which means the system produces low nutrient levels. Since this is the case, herbs with low nutrient requirements are highly compatible with a moderately sized, minimally nutrient-dense setup. Typically, gardeners position their betta aquaponics setup on a windowsill or kitchen counters. Making it convenient to just handpick the greens when making a salad or pluck an herb to add spice to a dish. 

Another great thing with this type of modest system is that, aside from being low-maintenance, you have an exquisite fish that helps you loosen up and unwind at the end of the day. And to make sure you have a thriving betta fish, consider leveraging a 1 gallon or more aquarium or tank. This will provide the fish more space to swim and a pleasing environment. 

And with that said, here are some of the best plants to grow in your betta aquaponics system: 


Thyme in betta fish aquaponics

Together with other herbal greens, Thyme is already a staple of various cuisines. This herb gives a richer taste than Oregano and boasts of a delightful aroma that brightens temples during ancient times. And like other plants, know that Thyme has culinary and ornamental varieties. 

A few of the culinary types you can include in your system are French, Lemon, and Common Thyme. Click here to know more about Thyme and how you can cultivate this herb in your aquaponics system.


Chives in betta fish aquaponics

A member of the onion family, the herb Chives is a crop that does not develop bulbs like the other regular onions. When it comes to flavor, Chives give out a milder taste suitable for fish, dips, and soups. These crops likewise grow edible flowers that gardeners can use as garnish.  

Aside from its pungent flavor, the herb is rich in nutrients. Chives also contain a low dose of Choline, which helps nourish cellular membranes.  Click here to learn how you can grow Chives in your small garden.


Oregano in betta fish aquaponics

The herb Oregano boasts of several varieties. Nonetheless, the most popular ones are Common, Italian, and Greek Oregano. You will likewise find ornamental types often adorning rock gardens. 

Oregano doesn’t only bring zest to a dish, but also offer health benefits which make them a spectacular addition to your regular diet.  Click here to read more about how you can cultivate winning Oregano in your system. 


Mint in betta fish aquaponics

When cultivating the herb Mint, remember to oversee the plant’s progress since if left to grow on its own, this herb can spread quickly. The standard varieties of Mint you will encounter are Spearmint, Peppermint, and Pennyroyal Mint. 

While the herb is a popular spice for drinks, it likewise introduces a pleasant taste to vegetables, poultry, and fish. Besides the plant’s cooling effect, Mint carries a fair amount of vitamin A and antioxidants. Click here to find out how you can grow quality Mint using aquaponics. 


Dill betta fish aquaponics

As an herb, many people say that Dill flavor is a mix of Celery and Fennel taste. They are a favorite herb fused in lamb, salads, and seafood with the crop’s diverse flavor. Aside from this, Dill is the main ingredient in pickling vegetables. 

Though the herb has various culinary uses, take note that Dill likewise has numerous health benefits. This green plant is nutrient-rich and has been known to alleviate digestive problems. Click here to determine the basic guidelines in cultivating aquaponics Dill.    


Novice practitioners in the initial learning stage will gain a lot of experience by implementing betta aquaponics. This small ecosystem involves a low-cost budget and straightforward system maintenance ideal for beginners. Newbies with limited resources will get hands-on experience in sustaining a small-scale system and later on discover which method is the right one for them.

With such a marginal setup, small herbal plants are the best plants for betta aquaponics. These herbs require low-nutrients, which are hugely compatible with a low nutrient producing betta system. Nevertheless, if you are searching for other types of fish ideal for a small operation, read more about the best fish for desktop aquaponics

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