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Best Veggies For Aquaponics (Easy Guide)

The Best Vegetables For Aquaponics

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These days, growers are cultivating many different types of plants in an aquaponics garden. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, or even fruits, can all grow successfully in your system. However, most practitioners produce vegetables because these crops are often simpler to manage and can have impressive yields. So, if you are selecting the plants to cultivate in your garden, you will want to know a few of the best veggies for aquaponics we recommend when getting started.

The best veggies for aquaponics are green leafy crops. These types of plants are convenient to grow and harvest in no time. Below are a few of the best vegetables for aquaponics you can cultivate in your garden:

  1. Watercress
  2. Lettuce
  3. Swiss Chard

In this article, we will highlight the best veggie for aquaponics and identify the qualities that make them the optimal choice for your garden. 

Maximizing Aquaponics Veggie Growth

Maximizing Aquaponics Veggie Growth

At this point, most practitioners now understand the difference between traditional gardening and aquaponics methods. When cultivating crops in a conventional garden, you follow a straightforward process of sowing seeds in the soil, regular watering, and applying fertilizer now and then. Whereas, implementing an aquaponics system involves monitoring not only the plants but the fish and other essential parameters as well to ensure the setup is running smoothly. 


While this method does allow gardeners to cultivate any plants, bear in mind that crops require varying growing conditions. Thus, consider the following factors first before you select the plants to include in your aquaponics system.

Plant Requirements

Keep in mind to choose fish and vegetables with compatible pH range, water, and air temperature requirements. Doing this will ensure the optimal growth and success of your system. Hence, see to it when cultivating crops that thrive in the warm climate, nurture fish that will survive similar conditions. 

Environmental Conditions

Adequate water and sunlight are essential for crops to thrive. If your aquaponics garden is outdoors, consider growing vegetables that are suitable for your climate. On the other hand, if setting up outside is not viable, note that you can likewise implement an indoor system. 

Aquaponics greenhouses is also an option you can explore. In case you choose to cultivate crops indoors or inside a greenhouse, remember to pick plants that will thrive in a shaded area or artificial grow lights

Aquaponics System

What is the aquaponics method you are using? Whether you implemented a Nutrient Film, Deep Water Culture, or Media Bed aquaponics system, this will influence the type of crop that you can cultivate in your garden. Take note to consider vegetables that are ideal for the kind of system you have installed. 

Available Space

When selecting the vegetables to cultivate in your system, also consider the available space in your garden. Remember that crops develop into various sizes, shapes, and other plants will need more room than others. Take note of the fully developed crop dimensions you want to cultivate and find out the actual number your system can accommodate. 

Once you have assessed all the above factors, let’s explore the aquaponics vegetable ideal for your garden. 

Best Veggies For Aquaponics

Best Veggies For Aquaponics

Most green leafy crops are low nutrient demand plants that grow fast. These two qualities make them terrific starter crops for practitioners in the initial stage of their aquaponics journey. If you are a leafy vegetable lover, growing these types of plants will allow you to either enjoy eating fresh crops from your garden or sell them in your community. 

While you can consider leafy vegetables starter crops for beginners, of course, these crops will likewise do well in an established aquaponics system. With that said, here are the best vegetables for aquaponics you can include in your garden:


Watercress is a member of the Mustard or Brassicaceae family. The vegetable is a relative of crops such as Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli.  When mixed with food, the herb provides a hint of a spicy flavor. Watercress is a quick-growing plant with low nutrient requirements that make it one of the best vegetables for aquaponics. Click here to read more on how to cultivate thriving Watercress in your garden.  


One of the in-demand crops you will find today in most aquaponics gardens is Lettuce. This water-loving crop demands low nutrients compared to other vegetables, hence making them ideal for novice practitioners. There are several Lettuce varieties, but the primary types are Butterhead, Looseleaf, Romaine, and Crisphead. And while growers can cultivate Lettuce using any of the three aquaponics techniques, the vegetable is ideal for a large-scale setup implementing the Raft system. Click here to learn more about how to grow Lettuce in your aquaponics gardens.

Swiss Chard 

The frost-tolerant Swiss Chard is last in our list of best veggies for aquaponics. Besides Lettuce, you will find Swiss Chard to be another crop popularly grown in aquaponic gardens. This is because the plant demands low nutrients but features high-nutritional value. Furthermore, commercial producers will benefit from Swiss Chard’s high market value and rapid growth rate. Click here to know more about how you can grow Swiss Chard in your system. 


Green leafy plants are the best vegetables for aquaponics. These crops boast a fast growth rate and a low nutrient requirement that will benefit either small or large scale operators. While you can categorize these vegetables as great starter plants for novice practitioners, keep in mind that these vegetables will likewise thrive in an established aquaponics system. 

Aside from this, though green leafy vegetables are ideal for aquaponics, you need to consider other factors such as plant requirements, environmental conditions, available space, and chosen system method when selecting the right crop for your garden. In case you live in an area with a colder climate, discover here the best aquaponics winter plants

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