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Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sundays?

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sundays

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Amazon has proved to be one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in today’s fast-paced world, but waiting for the delivery of an online order can sometimes be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re unsure if the product is going to be delivered on a weekend. This begs the commonly asked question, “Does Amazon Prime deliver on Sundays?”

Yes, Amazon Prime does deliver on Sundays. As an Amazon Prime member, you’re entitled to that. However, Amazon Prime Sunday delivery doesn’t apply to all locations, so remember to see the fine print to make sure your address is not excluded. In this article, we will explore the various components of Amazon’s delivery features.

Amazon Sunday Deliveries

Amazon works with multiple different delivery carriers; one of them is USPS. It’s important to remember that not all delivery carriers operate during the weekends, and Amazon will have to comply with the company’s policy. USPS generally doesn’t do Sunday deliveries, but it makes an exception for Amazon customers and especially for services like Priority Mail Express.

Amazon Prime Service guarantees delivery within two business days, so it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get parcels on Sundays. In select areas, though, Amazon Prime does deliver. 

Enter your ZIP code here to see if Amazon Prime supports your area. 

Amazon Prime

Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Weekends?

Amazon Prime is available seven days a week and offers the following: 

Free One-Day Delivery

Get your parcel tomorrow.

Free Same-Day Delivery 

Order by 5:00 pm and get the delivery in as fast as five hours on the same day in Philadelphia, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix. In other areas, orders placed before noon can be delivered by 9:00 pm on the same day.

Free Two-Hour Delivery 

Two-hour groceries can be delivered from Whole Foods Market if there is one in your area.

Amazon Day 

You’ll get to choose what day the parcels are delivered.  Take note that these offers listed above are free for Amazon Prime members but will incur a fee for non-members. 

Firstly you have to make sure you have the parcels delivered to an eligible area supported by Amazon Prime. There is also a minimum order of $35 on qualifying items to avail of the free delivery service for same-day delivery. 

You can input your ZIP code here to check if your area supports the Amazon Prime Now service. 

Amazon Prime Now vs. Amazon Same-Day Delivery

You may be wondering what the difference is between Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Same-Day Delivery.

Amazon Prime Now handles the groceries or the free two-hour delivery. This offer is exclusive to Amazon Prime customers. You can get last-minute items like fresh produce, toiletries, medicine, etc. It’s exactly like grocery shopping, but Amazon does it for you. You will be asked to enter a ZIP code on the website to see if your area is supported. And if your area is supported, you’ll be happy to know that this service is available to you on Sundays as well. 

Amazon Same Day Delivery is exactly that—it delivers on the same day. But it doesn’t limit itself to groceries only; you can choose from over one million eligible items on the Amazon website. And to ensure that all items get to you on the same day, place an order before noon. 

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you rack up an order of $35, delivery is free for this service. Take note that not all items listed on Amazon are eligible. 

Amazon Lockers 

If no one will be home to receive the Amazon parcels, sometimes it’s better to just have them shipped to an Amazon Locker. You can have your items delivered to an Amazon Locker, which is oftentimes conveniently located at local businesses such as drug or grocery stores. Amazon will notify you once the parcels are in the locker, and you are then emailed a unique PIN code, which you will need to open the locker and obtain your parcel.

Take note that you only have three days to collect your delivered items; otherwise, it will be returned and refunded. Not all items will be qualified for locker delivery; some restrictions are considered, like the item’s height and weight. The lockers can be available even on Sundays if the store or business that is hosting the locker is also open on Sundays.

Most major cities in the United States now offer Amazon Prime, which delivers even on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s important not to set your expectations too high when it comes to weekend deliveries. It might be better to visit a brick-and-mortar store if the item you want is important and you can’t risk the delivery wait time.

Input your ZIP code here to check if your area is supported for weekend deliveries by Amazon Prime.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sundays?

Yes, Amazon Prime does deliver on Sundays, as there are various options available to you to get your packages on this day. Make sure to always check both the delivery service feature you are using, as well as your delivery location to make sure you are eligible to receive your parcels on Sundays.

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