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Does String Cheese Melt? (Yes, but…)

Does String Cheese Melt?

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String cheese is a popular snack commonly found in grocery stores and convenience shops. It is a form of cheese which means that it pairs well with different types of food. The challenge begins when you think about trying to melt string cheese. You may have tried melting it yourself and are asking the question: Does string cheese melt?

Yes, string cheese does melt. However, if you try to melt it out of the packaging, it will not melt like other cheeses. The flip side to this is that some packaging is not microwave friendly, so make sure to check the label before heating it in the microwave. Heating outside of its packaging will likely keep its shape and only become soft in consistency. There are some strategies and hacks to help achieve better results, but keep in mind that most brands of string cheese were never designed for melting, particularly in its packaging.

How To Melt String Cheese In The Microwave

String cheese can melt whole like any other cheese once you reach a temperature of at least 32 degrees Celsius. To melt the cheese evenly, you need to evenly spread out the temperature, which is difficult to do whole. To achieve the best results, you need to slice string cheese into thin pieces. That way, you can get even-sided melting as a topping for many types of food.

Don’t melt string cheese while it is still in its packaging as the wrapper is not microwave friendly. The best way to melt it after slicing is to put it on top of the food you want to mix it with. Some examples include crackers and soup. Remember that even after it melts, it will not become as creamy as many other types of cheese you may be accustomed to.

The reason behind this is its structure. It has low fat and has very low moisture. Microwaving may not be the best application for it as it was never a cheese that was originally designed for melting. Even then, it can taste very good paired with chips or pizza.

Can You Substitute String Cheese For Mozzarella?

Can You Substitute String Cheese For Mozzarella

Yes, string cheese is a substitute for mozzarella. The reason behind this is that the main ingredient behind string cheese is mozzarella. Classic string cheese comes from pure mozzarella, while other variants have cheddar. The reason it’s called string cheese is because of the manufacturing process.

When you heat mozzarella, its milk proteins start to align together. It creates the signature structure of mozzarella, which you can peel. To turn it into string cheese, you stretch it further and further until it becomes ropes. The stretching aligns the milk proteins further, which helps them come apart in a string shape.

String cheese factories do the stretching process through machines. The traditional process involves stretching by hand. While you can substitute it for mozzarella, it still works best as an enjoyable snack.

String Cheese Recipes

String Cheese Recipes

Many chefs and home cooks have found ingenious ways to use string cheese in their recipes. Here are some of the string cheese recipe ideas you can do at home:

  1. Fried string cheese: You can create fried string cheese sticks like you would fried mozzarella sticks. Make sure to chill the cheese first to create a more solid consistency during deep frying.
  2. String cheese rolls: You can use different ingredients as the wrapper for string cheese. It works well with turkey or ham slices. Another alternative is to use tortilla wraps mixed with herbs and vegetables.
  3. String cheese kebabs: Chop the string cheese into small pieces, which you can put on kebab sticks. Mix in some protein like beef before adding vegetables like tomatoes or olives.
  4. String cheeseburgers: Mix slices of string cheese in your burger patties or meatballs. They’ll add a cheesy dimension hidden inside the burger for a tasty surprise.
  5. String cheese pizza roll: Create puff pastry strips and then add pieces of string cheese along with other pizza toppings you desire. Bake the pastry and then eat it with a dip like marinara.

Can String Cheese Melt?

String cheese melts like any other cheese, but not in the way you expect. It often turns out as a soft cheese that still retains its shape. Despite that, it works well with most ingredients like pizza, soup, crackers, and meat. Due to its similarities to mozzarella, it is a good substitute for it if you don’t have any mozzarella left. However, don’t expect it to achieve the same results in physical structure due to string cheese’s different characteristics.

You can eat string cheese as a snack or add it to other ingredients for a more tasty meal. It is a high-fat food, making it very useful on a keto diet. Be careful when consuming high amounts if you’re not on a diet, or else you will gain some weight.

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