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How To Grow Oregano in Aquaponics Gardens

Grow Oregano In Aquaponics Gardens

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One of the most staple herbs found in many kitchen homes is Oregano. Starting your day devouring heaps of scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of fresh Oregano on top will surely kickstart your morning. Nonetheless, this blissful scenario will be more gratifying when you choose to grow Oregano in aquaponics gardens. There’s a certain sense of fulfillment, knowing the ingredients you use for every meal you prepare comes from your own backyard.

Similar to the herb Lavender, Oregano has several varieties. It does not only enhance the flavor of your dish, but it also contains certain properties that provide health benefits. In this article, we will discuss the different Oregano varieties, the ideal way to grow Oregano in aquaponics gardens, and the perks of nurturing this culinary herb in your system.

Different Kinds of Oregano

Different Kinds of Oregano in aquaponics

The word Oregano comes from the Greek term “Oros,” meaning “mountain” and “Ganos,” referring to “brightness.” Literally, the term means the brightness of the mountain. And who wouldn’t agree that one taste of this zesty herb can usher brightness to any gloomy day? But, before you start, let’s get you acquainted with the various types of Oregano.

Common Oregano

Origanum Vulgare or Common Oregano comes from the Mediterranean region. The leaves of this variety have minimal flavor compared to other types. It produces small purple flowers, and the variety propagates aggressively.

Greek Oregano

Origanum Vulgare Hirtum or Greek Oregano is the herb typically added with spaghetti sauce. It has a biting taste, which is probably the reason why it is the most used herb in the kitchen. Unlike Common Oregano, Greek Oregano yields hairy leaves and white flowers.

Italian Oregano

A hybrid of Common Oregano and Sweet Marjoram is the Italian Oregano. This variety has off-white flower ridges and soft green leaves.

Mexican Oregano

Meanwhile, a staple ingredient of Mexican food is the Mexican Oregano. The crushed leaves of Mexican Oregano bring out an intense taste and flavor.

Ornamental Varieties

Lastly, Ornamental Varieties adds a mild taste to your food; however, this variety is ordinarily used for its exceptional beauty. It is often added in hanging baskets or placed as accents on a rock garden.

Cultivating Oregano in Aquaponics Gardens

Cultivating Oregano in Aquaponics Gardens

To begin, you need to decide first if you want to use Oregano seeds, cuttings, or transplants. Many though, find it easy to start by using seeds. After picking the Oregano variety you want in your system, the next step is to know the specific requirements in cultivating this herb. Here are the basic guidelines to help you grow Oregano in aquaponics gardens:


Basically, Oregano is a perennial herb that loves warm sunny weather. The best place to position your herbs is where it will receive full sunlight. You will be glad to know also that Oregano is a frost-tolerant herb. Thus, it can survive freezing temperatures.


Oregano prefers pH ranging between 6.0 to 8.0. When the level falls below or climbs higher, it will result in a water chemistry imbalance and may lead to problems in your system. Also, make sure to use a quality pH meter.



Got good pH?

Plant Spacing

You should provide adequate plant spacing so that your herbs will have sufficient airflow. You can plant your herbs 8 to 10 inches apart likewise to give it enough space to spread.

Health Benefits of Oregano

The benefits of growing Oregano in your indoor garden goes beyond the plant being a culinary herb. While the plant contains properties that provide health benefits, remember that it should not be used as a replacement for prescription medicines. Let’s take a look at the following health benefits of Oregano:

  • Medical research discovered that Oregano and its elements might be potent against bacteria. Another result of a study states that Oregano has components that can aid in combating diseases that are unresponsive to antibiotics.
  • Oregano contains Thymol that is known to mitigate viral infection. Note, though, that the studies used pure extracts of the herb. It is different from individuals adding it to their diet.
  • It is also rich in antioxidants and has Carvacrol that could lessen Cancer cell growth. Again, eating the herb doesn’t mean you will not have the disease. But, a diet rich in Oregano will aid in reducing cell changes that may cause Cancer.

Where to Buy Oregano Seeds



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