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Growing Garlic in Aquaponics Gardens (Best Guide)

Growing Garlic In Aquaponics Gardens

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Any recipe with Garlic in it is just addictive, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who feel the same. It’s a must in every household, not just because of its culinary purpose but also because of its medicinal properties and health benefits. Speaking of health, we need to take care of ourselves now more than ever. By growing Garlic in Aquaponics Gardens, you have both food and medicine right at your backyard. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most important information that can guide you when cultivating Garlic in an aquaponics system. 

Why Grow Garlic in Your Aquaponics Garden?

Why Grow Garlic in Your Aquaponics Garden?

Garlic is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and is a cousin of chive, leek, onion, and shallots. The origin of Garlic remains debatable. Some people say that it came from Siberia, while others claim that it was from South Asia. Regardless of its origins, Garlic has apparently reached most corners of the globe and is used for different purposes. For more than 7000 years, people use the crop as food, medicine, and even an ingredient for mystic potions. 

It is known as one of the oldest cultivated plants and was even used as a local currency. Aside from that, Chinese medicine regard Garlic as a solution to several health conditions, including intimacy problems. Ancient Egyptians also consume Garlic to improve strength and endurance. And because of its uses and high nutritional content, Garlic has been one of the most valued plants during recorded history. Thus, it is an excellent idea to grow Garlic in your aquaponics garden.

Types of Garlic

There are two different types of Garlic. We have the Softneck and the Hardneck, which refers to the stalk of the bulb. Here are a few things you should know about the different types of Garlic: 


This type of Garlic is what you usually find in supermarkets. It has a long shelf life of up to 8 months. Softneck Garlic has a milder flavor and perfect for cooking. This is the right choice if you live in an area with a moderate climate.


Hardneck Garlic, on the other hand, has larger cloves that you can easily peel. It has a stronger flavor compared to the Softneck variety and has a shelf life of only four months. This type of Garlic can produce scapes or a central stalk that can be used in making pesto.     

How to Serve Garlic From Your Aquaponics Garden

There are hundreds of recipes where you can use Garlic. You can add it to your chicken, potatoes, steaks, spinach, beans, and even mushrooms. Basically, you can partner it with most foods. As a personal favorite, we add Garlic to our apple cider vinegar to make it even more flavorful. And for breakfast, instead of a usual butter toast, we garnish it with minced Garlic too. 

Apart from adding a ‘kick’ to any dish, Garlic can be used for different purposes as mentioned above. You can use it to alleviate toothache, combat athlete’s foot, fight off acne, and to repel mosquitoes, just an additional tip. If you take Garlic as oral medicine, you can mix it with honey to improve its taste.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic contains a good amount of calcium, iron, Vitamin B1, copper, phosphorus, and potassium. There are multiple health benefits one could enjoy from Garlic, and we have summarized some of these for you:

  • Lowers the risk of certain types of cancers
  • Improves physical performance  
  • Fights common colds 
  • Prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Promotes heart health 
  • Detoxifies our body 
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure
  • Improves bone health 

Cultivating Garlic in Your Aquaponics Garden

We have here a number of practical tips on growing Garlic in aquaponics gardens. Follow these and reap the crop’s maximum benefits. 

Aquaponic System Types

The ideal aquaponics system for Garlic is a simple Media Bed. Most backyard growers use it for other plants and crops as well due to its practical design. We do not encourage that you use Deep Water Culture for growing this plant. 

pH Levels

Your Garlic will thrive in neutral to slightly acidic pH levels. We recommend that you maintain it between 6.0 to 7.  

Grow medium

Generally, your grow medium should allow good drainage for your Garlic. A great option is expanded clay and gravel. 

Water and Air Temperature

Garlic doesn’t require too much heat, and it fact grows best in cooler temperatures. In the first two months, your Garlic needs a temperature of 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a warmer climate, then we suggest that you plant your Garlic from October to December.  


You must plant your Garlic cloves 7 inches away from each other. 


While it can tolerate moderate shade, Garlic requires full sunlight with an average of 7 hours of exposure every day. 

Fish Types

Since Garlic loves cold weather, it is best to choose fish types that can thrive in the same condition. We recommend catfish, trout, and perch.  


Instead of planting seeds, the more practical solution for new growers is to use Garlic cloves. Remember not to remove the skin when you are about to plant it. At an average, it will take 7 to 9 months before your Garlic reaches its maturity. One clear sign that your Garlic is ready for harvesting is if the green leaves have turned brown. 


Onion thrips are Garlic’s worst enemy and cause serious damages to your crops. An easy remedy is to spray water to your plant. 

Common Problems

White rot disease can happen to your Garlic and is hard to control. This happens when the plant or the soil is contaminated. Passe as this may sound, but prevention is better than cure. Always check your cloves first before planting and make sure that it is free from the disease.  

Quick Tips

To end this post, here are additional facts and tips about Garlic: 

  • You can plant your Garlic with other fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce
  • Keep the head whole so that your Garlic will stay good and fresh for several months 
  • Avoid putting your Garlic inside your fridge as it will turn bitter 
  • Mince your Garlic first to get its strong flavor 

The Campbells love finding sustainable and fun ways to increase their independence from traditional brick and motor supermarkets. Aquaponics provides a full lifecycle food source for families and a great hobby. #aquaponicslifestyle

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